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André Kuhn

certified specialist for criminal law
born in 1974
admitted to the bar in 2003
imkp Aarau and Zürich

André Kuhn is an attorney at law and a certified specialist for criminal law who for the last 15 years has acted in the consultancy and litigation fields in criminal law and criminal proceedings, traffic law and international judicial assistance. Furthermore, he advises and represents our clients on matters concerning contract law and family law. Before becoming a lawyer he worked as a court registrar for several years at a number of courts. In 2004, he became a judge at the Swiss Permanent Organization of Arbitration. Along with being a certified specialist for criminal law, André Kuhn also holds a certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in criminal law from the University of Freiburg where he underwent further specialist education. He publishes frequently articles on current topics with a focus on criminal law and criminal proceedings that appear in different law journals.

André Kuhn is a legal consultant for the Automobile Club Switzerland, a member of the lawyer network of the “Beobachter” and a trusted lawyer of the Swiss Management Association (SKO). He is a member of the Swiss Competence Center for Criminal Defense, the Zurich, Argovia and Swiss Bar Association, the Criminal Stand-by Service and the Expert Group on Criminal Law of the Zurich Bar Association.

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